Who are we?

Young and dynamic engineering that already establishes its trust at international level. The satisfaction of our customers in countries like Germany supports us. Our experience in Central Europe allows us to address the problems with a wider vision.

FZ Ingenieros is composed of an independets professionals and companies in differents legal forms and in the different technical fields that goes beyond our border. (See partners).

Our partnerships and our multidisciplinarity allow us to react flexibly to the technical needs of our clients, having access to the most current know-how in the different fields we address.

FZ Ingenieros provices services beyond our borders and its experience is base in countries like Germany.

Our philosophy:

  1. Close to the customer: We committed to try to make the customer wishes with the most appropriate and sustainable technical solutions.
  2. Precision: We are aware of the consequences of unforeseen events, especially those with economic repercussions. The precision it is essential in the project and it is the one of the principles of our way of working.
  3. Present: We design and build the most current regulations. We guarantee to out client the best cost-benefit ratio during the useful life of the object to put into service as well as the better integration of it with the different sectoral regulations and their foreseeable evolution.
  4. Answer: There are no excuses. We respond until the end of the constants changes of our client idea.
  5. Warranty: We guarantee the satisfaction of our client's needs not only along the project and work, but also throughout the life of the object.