Hydraulic works

Water management

Desings of earthen ponds with waterproofings coatings for irrigation and other uses.

Water tanks made of reinforced concrete buried and semi-buried.

Hydraulic dimensioning of deposit systems.

Water canals

Desing and geometric mapping of channales from digital terrain models (DTMs) with BB-Soft and DTM Professional.

Hydraulic desing of water channels. Constructive desing of earthen ponds using concrete reinforced. Auxiliary projects works attached to the channels. 

River dams

River flood levees and reinforcement with sheets piles or walls. Homogeneous ditches of earth and draining parts or with waterproofing core.

Neumagen river in Biengen (Bad Krozingen, Germany)
Neumagen river in Biengen (Bad Krozingen, Germany)

Construction project for reinforcement with sheet piles and extension of dam againts flood on the Neumagen river in Biengen (Bad Krozingen, Germany)

Obras de tratamiento y bombeo de agua

  • Compact water treatment plants in rural areas.
  • Primary rainwater treatment stations.
  • Pumping stations of all kinds.
  • Pressure water pippes.

Specific services

  • Hydraulic dimensioning.
  • Process dimensioning of: roughing, sands and fat elimination, primary decantation, Biological Reactor Nitrification/Desnitrification, Phosphate, Decanting.
  • Constructive desing, Implementation project.
  • Basic engineering of instrumentation and equipment (Engineering of detail though the supplier).

Commissioning of pumping station of Lilienhof (Lilienthal, Germany)

Construction project of pumping station for underground pedestrian crossing of the railway in Rheinstraße (Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany)

Compact treatment for rural areas

Project management and commissioning of a mini-treatment plant in  Sägendobel (St. Peter, Schwarzwald, Germany)

Rainwater treatment stations

Primary rainwater treatment station on the A5 motorway (Riegel am Kaiserstuhl, Germany)

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